Special Valves

Function: special valves



Media: gaseous, liquid, highly viscous, gelatinous, pasty, contaminated

Body Materials: brass, aluminium, stainless steel, nickel plated steel
The materials refer to parts in contact with the media.

Seal Materials: FPM, graphite, metalbrat (1.4571), EPDM, NBR, FPM

Options: special flanges, function NO, limit switches, manual override, approvals, special voltage, coil M 12 x 1, pilot valve

co-ax type orifice Kv value
V2 V2 15 – 80 mm 7,5 – 200 m³/h
LVP 06 LVP 06 6 mm 0,42 m³/h
PCB-1 10 PCB-1 10 10 mm 3 m³/h
PLB 05 PLB 05 5 mm 1,08 m³/h
IV 10-3 IV 10-3 10 mm
IV 16-3 IV 16-3 20 – 32 mm

The valves’ technical design is based on media and application requirements. This can lead to deviations from the general specifications shown on the data sheet with regards to the design, sealing materials and characteristics.