The German company Coax-Müller is a leading manufacturer of coaxial valves. The main specialization of Coax-Müller is the manufacture of special valves for the control of various high-pressure media. The company was founded in 1960. The coaxial valves developed by Coax-Müller were calibrated and tested to control vacuum, gaseous, liquid, viscous, abrasive, explosive and aggressive media.

Certificate of official distributor Coax-Müller in Ukraine

Due to a wide range of products as well as technical capabilities, coaxial valves are used for:

  • cutoff and gas supply to the turbine, pipeline;
  • Blowing PET bottles, containers;
  • other uses.

Coaxial valves can operate under high pressure (up to 500 bar) and with large flows. The company manufactures two-, three-way coaxial valves with threaded and flange connections. All Coax-Müller products are certified (PDF 0,47Mb) in Ukraine. All types of valves are available in two versions: as direct-acting solenoids and as remotely controlled.

ITO company is the official distributor of Coax-Müller in Ukraine. For more information on high pressure coaxial valves, please contact our specialists.