Oil refining – the production of petroleum products, primarily various types of fuel (automotive, aviation, boiler, etc.) and raw materials for subsequent chemical processing. For the effective implementation of this process, specialized equipment is required. Company ITO successfully trade off the following types of equipments for companies in the industry:

»Rotork electric and pneumatic actuators to control valves.
»ARCA Regler control valves, special valves and stations.
»ASCO Numatics solenoid valves (regulating, explosion-proof, …).
»Means for measuring the level of KSR Kuebler, sensors and pointers.
»WIKA gauges, temperature and pressure sensors.
»Explosion-proof Cemp electric motors.
»Pumping equipment Roodhart.
»Centrifugal pumps Kolmeks.
————————————————————————— “

Completed projects:
— PJSC “Naftohimik Prykarpattya» (Nadvirna)
— PJSC “Kherson Refinery” (Kherson)
— PJSC “LUKOIL – Odessa Refinery” (Odessa)
— PJSC “LUKOR” (Kalush)