With more than 50 years of experience, Rotork has become the personification of the best in the production of drives (electric drives, pneumatic drives, pneumatic hydraulic actuators) for the automatic control of pipeline valves, sluice gates and valves for the oil, gas and energy industries worldwide.

Rotork drives can significantly reduce manufacturing costs, often providing the most cost-effective solution.

Certificate of exclusive agent of Rotork in Ukraine

Rotork has the experience, know-how and range of equipment to provide solutions of virtually any complexity: from compact manual gearboxes to large drives with a complex specification for use in extreme temperatures and in hazardous areas.

  • IQ Pro – multiturn actuators
  • IQT Pro – quarter-turn electric actuators
  • IQM – multi-turn actuators
  • A and AWT – multi-turn actuators
  • NA – application in the nuclear and nuclear industry
  • Q – single-phase quarter-turn drive
  • ROM – compact and lightweight design
  • Skilmatic – electric drive with spring emergency return
  • IQTN – special applications
  • CP – crank drive pneumatic drives
  • GP / GH, P / H – hydraulic and pneumatic drives with a crank gear
  • RC – compact pneumatic actuators with a crank gear
  • GO – pneumatic-hydraulic drives with a crank transmission
  • RH, R – gear drives
  • LP / LH – linear actuators
  • HPG – high pressure direct acting pneumatic actuators
  • Skilmatic – electro-hydraulic drives
  • SB – electro-hydraulic actuators
  • SVM – Intelligent Gate Control
  • Twin Power – multi-turn hydraulic actuators
  • SRH, SGH, SLH –  underwater drives
  • DH – hydraulic underwater dampers
  • CVA – linear and rotary actuators
  • GPSA – intelligent electric actuators for automatic valve control
  • 1000 – a series of actuators for valves
  • 2000 – a series of high-performance electric drives
  • 6000 – a series of rotating high-performance electric drives

Offering an electric, hydraulic, pneumatic actuator or manual gearbox, Rotork provides the same high quality products and the latest innovations and standards.

ITO is the exclusive agent of Rotork in Ukraine. Detailed information about Rotork drives can be obtained from our specialists.