Mechanical engineering is the most important comprehensive manufacturing industry, which includes the design, manufacture and operation of machines and tools. Mechanical engineering is associated with the construction of aviation and space technology, metallurgy, construction machinery, process equipment and machine tools, equipment for oil, petrochemical, chemical industries and other industries. For the effective work of enterprises in this direction specialized equipment is needed. Company ITO successfully trade off the following types of equipment for companies in the industry:

»ASCO Numatics solenoid valves (regulating, explosion-proof, …).
»Pneumatics ASCO Numatics (pneumatic cylinders, pressure regulators, …).
»Coax-Muller coaxial valves for heavy duty applications.
»Genebre valves and fittings.
»Invertek Drives frequency converters.
»Pneumatic tools Ober.
»Pumping equipment Roodhart.
»Centrifugal pumps Kolmeks.


Completed projects:

  •  PJSC “SUMY NPO” (Sumy)
    • COAX valves for the separation / supply of gas to the turbine;
    • Rotork GP pneumatic actuators and pneumatic actuators CP for controlling ball valves;
    • rotork electric motors for ball valves and other piping valves;
    • control valves ARCA;
    • ARCA anti-flush valves;
    • ASCO solenoid valves in an explosion-proof design.
  • MOTOR SICH, JSC (Zaporizhzhya)
  • State Enterprise “Zorya-Mashproekt Gas Turbine Research and Development Complex” (Mykolaiv)