ITO company is constantly expanding the range of equipment offered.

Selection of suppliers meets certain criteria:

  • Reliability. This is our name. We bear warranty obligations on the equipment supplied and do not want to incur losses due to its quality.
  • Price. The momentary decision to purchase cheap equipment leads to the fact that the cost of owning such equipment exceeds the cost of purchasing more expensive and high-quality equipment, which, as a result, turns out to be cheaper due to its service life. Our prices are not always the cheapest because we try to supply equipment that will work in your conditions. It is quite likely that our specialists will suggest changing something in your requirements for equipment or will suggest a replacement with some better option. In any case, we will strive not to get more money, but to get a better result.
  • Supplier relations. This is an opportunity to solve any problems directly with the supplier’s management.

Thus, for 20 years of work, ITO has formed a main line of business with equipment companies that are related to the field of valves and fittings to control various environments.


О компании Genebre Main office of Genebre company is located in Barcelona. For over 25 years, the company has been manufacturing pipe fittings. These include: butterfly valves (butterfly valves), ball valves (brass, stainless steel), spring loaded safety valves, check valves, mesh filters (brass, cast iron, stainless steel), crimp fitting and other valves.

ASCO Numatics

О компании ASCO numatics Company ASCO Numatics is the world leader in the production of high-quality equipment, instrumentation-valves, electromagnetic valves, hydropneumatic valves, shut-off valves, pneumatic actuators, pneumatic cylinders and other pneumatic automation products. ASCO Numatics has the highest reputation in terms of quality, reliability and technical level of its products.


О компании Coax-Müller German company Coax-Müller is a leading manufacturer of coaxial valves. It was founded in 1960. The main specialization of Coax-Müller is the manufacture of special valves for the control of various high-pressure media.  Coaxial valves developed by Coax-Müller were calibrated and tested to control vacuum, gaseous, liquid, viscous, abrasive, explosive and aggressive media.


О компании ROTORK With more than 50 years of experience, Rotork has become the personification of the best in the production of drives (electric drives, pneumatic drives, pneumatic hydraulic actuators) for the automatic control of pipeline valves, sluice gates and valves for the oil, gas and energy industries worldwide.

ARCA Regler

О компании ARCA Regler Since its founding, for 98 years, ARCA Regler GmbH has been known worldwide as a manufacturer of advanced technology with proven quality. Pneumatic and electric control valves supplied by the company are in demand in many areas of industry due to the high degree of reliability, accuracy of flow adjustment, shutter tightness, and maintenance and operation efficiency.